It’s the small things.

Do you ever just wake up feeling happy? If not, why not??

Shall I make a few guesses? You wake up sore, foggy and tired. You are wishing someone to bring you a big cup of motivation tea to help you start your day. Without it you just aren’t sure how you are going to do it.

I woke up feeling happy! I am not jetting off on a wonderful holiday, nor do I have a date planned with friends. I am feeling happy just because. Sometimes you have to take a step back and realise that happiness or unhappiness is not caused by circumstances, it is caused by you. Yes, you have fibromyalgia and yes it is painful, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your life sad and unhappy, you can choose to be happy!

The first step towards my happiness was reading How to be Happy (I know I have told you about this before but it really is brilliant). 

So if step two is realising happiness is a choice, what is step three?

For me is is gratitude and realising that life it made up of ‘the small things’, that is what really matters. They might be insignificant to other people, but that is irrelevant because they mean something to you.

Every night for a week now, just before I go to sleep, I have been choosing five things that I am grateful for that day. They started off as big things: friends, family, my gorgeous little niece, my home and even my two cats (I did warn you I am a crazy cat lady). But these big things get a bit boring every night, because they don’t change very often (I hope). So now I choose five little things that make each day positive. Here are yesterday’s examples:

– Picking the only trolley in Tesco without a money slot as I realised I didn’t have a pound on me.

– Hitting all the green lights on the way home (that never happens!)

– Getting new followers on my blog; yes, you contributed to my happiness so thank you 🙂

– Having an interesting conversation with someone who works in my office.

– Speaking to my best friend about taking my niece Lilly to meet her. She is 10 months old and I am smitten with her, she is the loveliest little girl in the whole world! (Totally biased I know. Now my mind is wondering and I am getting excited about babysitting on Monday! Must focus…)

So you might wake up tomorrow morning and feel sore, groggy and foggy but you can still feel happy. It might seem hard now but try my trick (stolen from Cara Stein) of choosing five things to be grateful for each night and see how much better you feel in just one week. I dare you!

What are you most grateful for? I would love to know. Honestly, it will probably make my top five things this evening!



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